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Treasure Planet

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Treasure Planet: A Read-Aloud Storybook

Spanish Edition Also Available
When Jim Hawkins finds a map to the greatest treasure trove in the galaxy, he is thrust into the adventure of a lifetime. But there are rough skies ahead when he discovers that John Silver, the cyborg, may not be a friend after all! Disney’s newest animated feature, Treasure Planet, is a futuristic version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale, Treasure Island.

Description from Publisher

Treasure Planet Read-Along

(Book Plus Audio Cassette AND CD)
Set sail for an adventure across the universe with this exciting deluxe Read-Along that's as thrilling as the movie! Features an enhanced CD for use in a stereo or computer, a bonus cassette, a 24-page storybook with colorful images and a durable carry-along storage case.

Description from Publisher

Jim's Journal (Stepping Stone Book)

By Andy Gaskill
Readers will love the exciting space action in Disney’s new feature film, Treasure Planet. It’s told from the point of view of the young hero Jim Hawkins–a young man full of adventurous spirit!

Description from Publisher

Pirates Attack!

(Step into Reading, Step 3)

By Dennis R. Shealy
Alien pirates, robots, cyborgs, and adventure all rolled into one swashbuckling Step into Reading! Disney’s newest animated feature, Treasure Planet, is a futuristic version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale, Treasure Island.

Description from Publisher

Solar Surfer
This collection of coloring pages and activities is based on scenes from Disney’s soon-to-be-classic animated film, Treasure Planet. Includes a page of hologramatic stickers.

Description from Publisher

Beware the Cyborg
Kids can proudly wear their favorite space pirates on their arms with this tattoo coloring book featuring Jim, John Silver, and the other characters from Disney’s Treasure Planet!

Description from Publisher

Jim Hawkins’s adventure of a lifetime in Treasure Planet is retold in this 80-page coloring and activity book.

Description from Publisher

Space Case

By Kim Yaged

Spanish Edition Also Available
B.E.N. (which is short for Bio-Electronic Navigator) is a bucket-of-bolts robot with a missing memory circuit. He may be confused, but he sure is funny!

Description from Publisher

Treasure Planet Junior Novelization
Disney’s newest blockbuster film, Treasure Planet, is retold in our bestselling Junior Novelization format. The whole swashbuckling tale of a young hero in search of pirates’ gold is here–with eight full-color pages of movie stills.

Description from Publisher

El Planeta del Tesoro

(Pinta y Encuentra)

El Planeta del Tesoro

(Primeros Amigos)

El Planeta del Tesoro

(Pintemos Con Disney)

2003 Treasure Planet Wall Calendar
Walt Disney's newest movie, Treasure Planet, is based on the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson but with a twist - it is set in outer space! 11" X 12"

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